5 Budget-Friendly Beauty Treatments

Reader Contribution by Nicole Cowart
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Everybody wants to be beautiful and keep this state during the whole life. However, most women consider beauty as a synonym to the word “expensive.” Is this true? Can you maintain your beauty without spending too much money? What’s more, do beauty treatments at an affordable pricereally work or do they just have a placebo effect? Let us consider a few budget-friendly tips that can help you stay young- and fresh-looking, even on a tight budget.

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Homemade Treatments

Many people are skeptical when talking about homemade skin care, or just don’t want to “cook” a mask, scrub or cream. Though, homemade skin-care products can really help improve the state of your skin. Of course, most of them have a cumulative effect, thus you should use it regularly to see the difference. On the other hand, you are 100% in control of the ingredients used and can add what is necessary for you. For instance, you can create an effective coffee scrub for your body, using the leftovers from your coffee grounds and mixing it with your body shower gel. Or create DIY masks for your face using ingredients you have in the fridge.

Organic Care

More and more people are searching for organic products now, thus prompting the appearance of many brands that are targeted at being natural and cruelty-free. These companies produce beauty products that are GMO-free, without antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and, often, chemical ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic oils, and other harmful substances.  Amidst the best natural brands available today are KORA, 100% Pure, Weleda, RMS Beauty, and many others. They offer a wide variety of products, including everything from makeup and different creams to sulfate-free shampoos and shower gels.

Affordable Beauty Brands

Due to the abundance of skin care brands available on the market, many companies choose the affordable price policy to attract more clients. How do they try to lower the price? Some brands avoid using extra components and add only the most effective compounds or reduce funds for advertising and marketing campaigns. For example, the famous DECIEM company has created the subsidiary brand The Ordinary, which has affordable pricing because of no advertising and, what is more, use only ingredients that really work. They are mostly specialized in various serums, so if you wish to try their skin-care regimes, check their website.

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Home Spa Treatments

Home spa treatments can help you to find relaxation after a long day and it is really cheap. You can use sea salt and essential oils together with bath bombs to get a real aromatic pleasure. Frankly, you can create these things yourself with ease having watched a DIY video tutorial and considering your own preferences. Another spa option is using body mud, which is rich in different minerals to clean your skin effectively and get soothing, exfoliating and renewing effects. These are very affordable and effective ways to pamper your skin.

Korean Skin Care

Korean cosmetics have received much hype recently. Having tried some of the Korean brands, I can say for sure that for the cost, they are magical. You should definitely try their peeling gels, AHA serums, famous aloe vera soothing gels, cleansing foams and masks. I could provide you an endless list of Korean must-have products that every woman should have to keep skin fresh and healthy.

If you’re interested in trying any Korean skin-care brands, check out brands like Mizon, CosRX, TONYMOLY, Nature Republic, and The Face Shop to decide what’s right for you. Most of the Korean brands pay careful attention to the packaging of their products, and for many people they look quite childish, but you will be really impressed with what is inside those bright and frilly boxes.

I hope this small list of tricks will come in handy as you change your daily skin routine or add new products to your existing regimen, without costing too much. However, don’t forget that you should always love yourself and stay positive no matter how you look, as beauty comes from the inside.

Nicole Cowart is a prolific freelance writer who has worked for EduBirdie for the last 10 years. She composes excellent papers paying extra attention to each detail to comply with all her clients’ requirements. In her free time, she likes playing sports, playing the guitar, andbeing in the stream of the last trends in the beauty world.She believes that beauty exists in many forms, but the most powerful and beautiful thing is self-confidence and self-love.

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