Body & Soul: Herbal Facial Steam

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Makes 16 ounces (enough for 1 treatment)

An herbal facial steam is a good way to deep-clean your skin and pores. The heat and humidity gently open your pores, allowing impurities to escape.   

• 2 cups water
• 1?4 cup fresh lavender flowers
• 1?4 cup fresh rose petals  
• 2 teaspoons fresh rosemary leaves

1. Bring water to a boil. Add flowers and herbs and let sit for 5 minutes. 

2. Lean over the mixture at least 12 inches from the hot water and let the steam gently open your pores. You also can drape a heavy cloth or towel over your head to form a tent, trapping in the warm steam. 

3. Close your eyes and let the steam rise over your face for 5 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat your skin dry.

Janice Cox is the author of Natural Beauty from the Garden (Henry Holt and Company, 1999), available in bookstores nationwide. For more recipes and ideas, find her

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