Body & Soul: Lavender Water Voile

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Spray scented water or cologne onto your bed sheets for sweet dreams.

Makes 2 ounces

The word voile is French for veil, and is used to describe something that is very light and delicate. When used to describe fragrance, a voile is gentle and soft, just a whisper of fragrance on your skin.You could also use a different favorite floral scent in this recipe, such as frangipani or jasmine.

• 1?4 cup filtered or distilled water
• 1?8 teaspoon castor oil
• 6  to 8 drops lavender essential oil

1. Mix together all ingredients and stir well. Pour into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid. 

Janice Cox is the author of Natural Beauty at Home (Henry Holt, 2002). To contact her,

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