Product of the Week: California Baby Aloe Vera Cream

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Soothe your summer skin ailments with California Baby Aloe Vera Cream.

Between the sun exposure, pool or ocean water and humidity, it’s difficult to keep your skin hydrated in the summer. If you’re in need of a miracle cream to solve a multitude of skin ailments, check out California Baby Aloe Vera Cream.

Formulated for babies and adults alike, this all-natural beauty remedy hydrates and soothes irritated skin. Recommended for everything from rosacea to stretch marks to moisturizing freshly shaved legs, California Baby Aloe Vera Cream is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Aloe’s soothing qualities are also perfect for calming painful sunburns.

Rich and creamy to the touch, California Baby Aloe Vera Cream has a subtle lavender scent. Don’t be put off by the thick texture; once it’s rubbed in, California Baby Aloe Vera Cream feels lightweight and non-greasy. Its non-comedogenic qualities means it won’t clog pores, making it mild enough to use on your face.

California Baby Aloe Vera Cream is made from organic ingredients such as yucca, acacia and cactus and is free of toxins and preservatives commonly found in conventional lotions and creams. The 100 percent aloe vera base is complemented by safflower oil and calendula, known for their healing properties. Housed in a 2-ounce recyclable container, California Baby Aloe Vera Cream’s packaging is biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals.

“We only use mineral actives because they are safer; but we take it a step further and scrutinize each individual ingredient in the formula along with the packaging,” California Baby founder Jessica Iclisoy says. “Many bottles can leach phthalates into the products. California Baby packaging is phthalate-free.”

California Baby’s Aloe Vera Cream can be found at Whole Foods Markets, Target and Babies “R” Us. Visit the California Baby website to see the complete line of products.

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