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Though I rarely blow dry my hair during the work week, I’ve found an eco-friendly styling tool for the rare mornings when I have five minutes to spare. Pure Heat Tools’ Wet-to-Dry Iron blends a flat iron and blow dryer into one nifty styling tool that offers decent results on the fly. 

Pure Heat Tools’ Wet-to-Dry Iron is made from 14 percent recycled materials (I wish that number was higher!) and is minimally packaged in recycled cardboard for easy recycling. Pure Heat Tools says that the Wet-to-Dry Iron is engineered to emit lower levels of EMFs (electro magnetic fields), which disrupt natural body rhythms. All Pure Heat Tools are also RoHS-certified, meaning they use limited amounts of hazardous substances. 

Pure Heat Tools’ Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron features a digital enhancement screen to view the flat iron’s temperature. Photo Courtesy Pure Heat Tools.

The Wet-to-Dry Iron features nano tourmaline ceramic heat technology (similar to other flat irons on the market–this one heats up to 390 degrees) and a high speed fan to aid in the drying process. While the Wet-to-Dry Iron is loud (imagine a soft humming of a tiny motor), it’s effective at drying and straightening towel-dried, damp hair. If you want stick-straight hair, spend more than five minutes using this iron; if you just need to look like you somewhat cared what you looked like on Monday morning, run your hair through the iron for five minutes! The result is softer, shinier hair that still has some body and volume. 

Pure Heat Tools should be recognized for creating an eco-friendly line of styling tools–the hair care and beauty industry isn’t exactly the most sustainable! Pure Heat Tools partners with EarthShare, an organization that gives environmentally conscious employees and workplaces one central place to donate money to green nonprofits; Pure Heat Tools’ donates a flat dollar amount to EarthShare each year. 

Pure Heat Tools’ Wet-to-Dry Iron is competitively priced with other designer irons on the market. It costs $129, weighs 15 ounces and comes with a one-year limited warranty. The iron also comes with a thermal travel bag. 

What’s your morning routine like? Do you air dry or get out the styling tools? Would you pay $129 for a greener styling tool? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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