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My whole life, I’ve just dealt with the fact that I had spaghetti-straight hair. I’ve never been too skilled with a curling iron, and I’m always jealous of people blessed with curls and waves.  

But this weekend when I got a haircut, my stylist, Amber, noticed that I do, actually, have somewhat of a natural S-pattern wave in my hair. It’s faint and mostly near my face, but it’s there. I probably never noticed it before because I was always addicted to my blow dryer and flat iron; now that I have very little precious time in the morning, my hair is usually the sacrificed part of my natural beauty routine (but I wonder how much energy I’m saving by not plugging in my blow dryer and flat iron?).  

To coax a little more of my natural texture out, Amber applied John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray and scrunched away. The course salt adds texture and body to my hair, while lavender essential oils add a light, refreshing scent. It’s a great product to have if you want to recreate beach hair (doesn’t everybody look great when they come out of the sparkling blue ocean water?) or get a tousled look.   

Sea Salt Spray is also a very basic product–it contains sea salt, organic lavender oil and water. It retails for $16.50 and is never tested on animals. And that’s just what I expect out of a product that’s formulated by one of the most trusted names in the natural beauty business.

Have you ever tried a texture-changing product? What works and what doesn’t?

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