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I switch up my shampoos every few months. For summer, I’m experimenting with three new natural shampoos. 

This week, I’ve been using Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo. It’s the latest addition to the luxurious Caudalie line. This natural shampoo is 100 percent plant-based (no SLS or SLES in this stuff!) and is suitable for natural or color-treated hair and fine or thick hair. 

A bottle of Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo is 6.7 ounces and costs $18. Photo Courtesy Caudalie.

Evident by the name, Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo is a more sophisticated version of the “2 in 1” shampoo and conditioners that you see on the market today. Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo cleanses with palm oil and protects and moisturizers your hair with sunflower oil. The fatty acids in sunflower oil amp up your hair’s strength and shine.

Also packed into this natural shampoo are wheat proteins (for strength) and grape seed oil for additional moisture and nourishment. Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo even has a bonus ingredient–white vinegar, which we always sing praises for–to add shine to your hair. This natural shampoo has a soft, gentle lather and leaves your hair feeling clean but not moisture-stripped.

The natural shampoo’s light scent is perfect for humid Kansas summer–not too intense, but just fresh enough. I’ll be stashing this bottle of natural shampoo in my beach, pool and overnight bags this summer, because it’s just better for me (and the planet) than those conventional “2 in 1” shampoos. Grab your bottle of Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo when it hits shelves and the web in August.

What natural shampoo is in your shower? Leave a comment and let me know what to try next!

Next week: Yes to Tomatoes natural shampoo.

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