Natural Hand, Nail and Cuticle Care: Badger Body Moisturizer

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I sing praises for olive oil all the time. Unfortunately, I’m out of olive oil at the moment and probably shouldn’t be using too much of my nice cooking olive oil for vanity…which is why I’m happy to have a tin of all-purpose Badger Body Moisturizer to nourish my nails and cuticles. 

Badger Vanilla Coconut Body Moisturizer delivers high-impact moisture and is USDA organic. Photo Courtesy Badger.

Badger Body Moisturizer balm is a simple blend of virgin oils and extracts that deliver superior moisture to thirsty skin and nails. I use Vanilla Coconut Badger Body Moisturizer; it’s loaded with cold-pressed coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, castor oil and extracts of vanilla and rosemary. Every ingredient is USDA-certified organic, too! 

Because Badger Body Moisturizer is just oils, beeswax and extracts, the consistency is slick and oily–which is just what ragged cuticles and sun-shocked nails need. Don’t expect a creamy or thick body butter–these moisturizing balms are for seriously moisture-deprived skin and nails. I like to work the oils into my cuticles, massaging them in and then applying thick body butter on my hands after concentrating on my nails and cuticles. Badger also offers a nice cuticle and foot duet, but honestly, any of Badger’s fine balms will work for your cuticles and nails. 

Another great use: Rub a little bit of balm on your temples and sinuses for calm, relaxing sleep. Badger makes a balm specifically for sleep, but any of your favorite, calming essential oils blended into a balm would work! Try lavender, rosemary, sweet orange and vanilla. 

Badger Body Moisturizers cost $15 for a 2-ounce tin. It will last a long time, even with daily moisturizing–I slather this stuff on my hands, nails and cuticles at least three times a day. It’s a good, guaranteed-organic buy from a family-run company with wholesome, green values–and is Green America-approved.

Do you use Badger products? What do you think of this 14-year-old company? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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