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They say nothing’s perfect, but I have found a natural shampoo and hair care line that is well on its way there. 

Standing true to its motto, “Free yourself of harmful chemicals,” Onesta Hair Care is a promising new natural shampoo and hair care line. 

Onesta, Italian for “honesty,” is the most transparent company I’ve seen in a while. Onesta fully discloses all ingredients, workforce practices and company ethics.

First, the ingredients: Honey. Sage. White willow bark. Nettle. Thyme. Aloe. Soy protein. Calendula. Dandelion. Sea kelp. Green tea. 

Next, Onesta’s commitments: Wind power. Recycled materials. American manufacturing. Sustainable farming. Organic extracts. Biodegradable. Donations to cancer research

What you won’t find: SLES. SLS. Parabens. DEA. TEA. Colors. Dyes. Propylene glycol. 

And this doesn’t even begin to cover the actual natural shampoos and hair care products themselves. 

Most people are shy to try natural and organic products, especially on a dominant feature such as hair. With my color-treated locks, a weird combination exists–dry ends, dry scalp, fine and oily strands–and it’s always a challenge to find a perfect natural shampoo. 

The hydrating shampoo was near perfect for me. Though I usually steer clear of moisturizing formulas, it offered the right, natural balance of moisture (honey), antioxidants for my sensitive scalp (sage) and volume for my lifeless, baby-fine tresses (white willow bark). 

Onesta natural shampoos and natural conditioners cost $19.50 for 16 ounces and are a smart investment for your hair and your health. 

Do companies that go the extra mile–purchase renewable energy, donate to cancer research, use organic ingredients, employ American workers–appeal to you? 

Are you more likely to buy from socially responsible companies that have a higher price than conventional, $2.99 shampoo manufacturers? 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re thinking.

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