Eco Chic: Fashionably Great Eco-Friendly Clothing

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Blue Canoe’s trendy organic cotton/Lycra Crop Pant
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Patagonia’s Synchilla Vest is made from recycled plastic and hemp.
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The Marseilles Crocheted Cardigan from Indigenous Designs is woven from organic cotton and silk.
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Organic hemp creates elegance in Ecolution’s Spaghetti Strap Dress.
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Recycled-Fabric Onion-Top Hat from è ko logic
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The Vy and Elle Envoy Messenger Bag, made from reclaimed vinyl billboards

Judging from the major fashion designers joining the green movement, stylish clothes created from sustainable, nontoxic, vegan, or recycled materials aren’t just healthy–they’re hip. Here’s what to look for.

HEMP: The hemp plant is grown with few or no pesticides because it’s naturally resistant to insects, fungus, and other pests. Hemp fabrics have the feel of linen.

ORGANIC COTTON: One conventional cotton T-shirt requires nearly one-third pound of pesticides and fertilizers. Go nontoxic:

ORGANIC WOOL: This renewable natural fiber is chemical free. Sheep eat organic feed, graze on pesticide-free land, and are not treated with pesticides or hormones.

RECYCLED PLASTIC: Fibers made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles are a soft alternative to polyester.

TENCEL: Made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp (from tree farms), this fabric is comfortable and breathable with a texture like rayon.

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