Eco-Challenge: Eliminating Paper Towel Waste

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Between cooking, cleaning and countless spills, I always manage to get through a roll of paper towels very quickly. When I go to the store, I buy them in bulk because I know it’s not going to take much to tear through an 8-pack.

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Unfortunately, the ones that usually end up in my apartment are pure white with cute designs along the edges. These towels are most likely made from virgin pulp that has been bleached and dyed to “perfection.”

Yesterday, I finished the last roll, and on my weekly shopping trip, I purposefully left the paper towels off my list.

This week, I’m sticking with reusable cloth napkins. I’ve already vented frustration while cleaning up splattered egg whites with my cloth (germs!), but luckily I was able to throw that one into the wash that I had just started. I’m nervous, though, because I host TV nights with friends (and food!) during the week, and we make messes. I also have a new kitten who likes to spill stuff and requires constant cleaning. It’s my first eco-challenge, but I’m ready for it!

What do you use around the house? Are you a germ freak when it comes to reusables? What about recycled paper towels? Tell me what you do to eliminate paper towel waste.

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