Best for Eco-Travel: Patagonia, Under the Canopy, All Terrain, Hemp Sisters

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Hitting the road? You can bring your eco-consciousness with you.

1. Treading lightly on the earth is easier if you’re doing so with shoes made from eco- and animal-friendly hemp fiber. A variety of boot styles, $75 to $92. (877) 729-4367.

2. Bug repellant is a must for outdoor adventures. All Terrain‘s DEET-free Herbal Armor line is made from natural ingredients and uses packaging made from recycled and biodegradable material. Pump spray, $8.99; lotion, $7.99. (800) 246-7328.

3. This nearly indestructible backpack is made of recycled rubber from old car tires. It’s weather resistant and free of animal byproducts. $71.95. (888) 513-2784.

4. On the plane or hiking through the countryside, you’ll get comfort and ease of movement wearing organic cotton pants, shirts, tops, and skirts. Patagonia‘s men’s and women’s organic cotton apparel features a bit of spandex to help retain shape. $38 to $80. (800) 638-6464.

5. Document your globetrotting memories without destroying trees. Vickerey offers travel journals made from sustainably harvested lokta bark from the Nepalese Daphne cannabina bush. $18. (800) 963-1050.

6. A travel essential for women, the versatile little black dress now comes in organic cotton. Under The Canopy offers a short style for day or evening wear that’s 70 percent organic cotton, 30 percent Tencel™, and wrinkle-free. $78. (888) 226-6799.

7. Fold-up daypacks are indispensable to the intrepid traveler. These eco-conscious hemp daypacks fold into themselves and are available for $37 from Hemp Sisters. (610) 389-4489. 

8. When you’re way off the beaten path, you want to be sure the local water is drinkable, and portable water purifiers save the day. General Ecology makes the First Need chemical-free variety that removes viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. $91. (800) 441-8166.

9. Natural buckwheat pillows provide neck and back support for those interminable international flights. Organic Cotton Alternatives has three sizes: $17 to $30. (888) 645-4452.

10. Keeping the sun at bay is crucial, whether you’re riding the canals of Venice or trekking the Himalayas. Hemp Sisters offers several styles of hand-crocheted, packable sun hats. $17.95 to $34.95. (610) 389-4489.

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