DIY Herbal Salve with Natural Herbs (Video)

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DIY Herbal Salve with Natural Herbs

Video by Mother Earth Living

Skin is the first line of defense against sharp edges, hot coils and infections. Skin problems such as cuts, burns, rashes and many more can be treated with an herbal salve made from natural herbs. Salves are thickened ointments made from infused oil, beeswax and some essential oil. The type of plant and salve best for healing depends on the type of skin problem you’re experiencing, ranging from minor wounds and chapped hands to boils and bug bites. Editor Gina DeBacker shows how to make an herbal salve with calendula oil, a deep moisturizer, skin softener and natural antiseptic that has been shown to stimulate physiological regeneration and skin healing in recent studies.

Infused oils are simply carrier oils that have been infused with a healing herb of choice. Examples of common carrier oils are sweet almond oil, hemp oil, grapeseed oil, olive or pomace oil, soybean oil, to just name a few. When a medicinal herb is properly infused into one of these carrier oils, you will possess a powerful healing oil which will become an integral part of your home herbal medicine cabinet. Examples of a few healing herbal infused oils are St. John’s wort oil (anti-inflammatory), comfrey oil (skin tissue repair), calendula oil (deep moisturizer and skin softener), rosehip seed oil (antioxidant and scar minimizer), arnica oil (pain reliever, reduces bruising and swelling). Most any herb can be infused into a carrier oil. Many of these healing herbal oils can be conveniently purchased already infused for those who do not have the time or desire to produce their own. Visit the link above for more information.


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