Just Ask: Bedbugs Be Gone!

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Banish bedbugs from your bedroom!

My house has become infested with bedbugs! I’ve tried a thorough cleaning and using diatomaceous earth (fossil shell flour) to no avail. The local exterminator is looking more and more appealing. Please stop me before I resort to his nasty chemicals.
Ofer, Pasadena, California

Find out what Umbra has to say on naturally eliminating bedbugs.

Can’t Stand the Heat

For severe bedbug infestations, you may want to hire a professional to kill the bugs with extreme temperatures. Initial studies show that two hours of exposure to temperatures between 120 and 145 degrees kills bedbugs and their eggs, but it won’t damage most materials, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Service. For freezing, the temperature must remain at a minimum of 23 degrees for at least five days. Consult an exterminator for more details.

For more information:  Visit www.ipmctoc.umn.edu and click on “Information for the Pest Management Professional”


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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New York City Health’s guide, “Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely

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