How Yoga Balances Inner Health and Outer Beauty

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The world, which we are living in, has become a race for monetary gain. At the same time, people are doing gobs of things to attain perfection in their health. While looking good has always been in trend, managing complete fitness of the mind, body, and soul is what many of us are looking for today. In this highly challenging environment, we are losing the most precious gem — our inner and outer beauty. In view of the fact that yoga has been prevalent since time immemorial, it has been guiding humans on the path that leads to complete internal health and external beauty.

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Yoga is diverse. It is different from modern health philosophies in numerous ways. Yoga’s view of health is not defined merely by the absence of diseases, but by liberation from all kinds of problems in the mind, body, and soul. More than medicines, yoga relies on the way of one’s living which includes asana practice, eating habits, sleeping timings, more.

Defining Internal and External Beauty

Before we turn toward the ways of balancing inner and outer health, it is important to know what these two theories mean. Everything that is happening inside the body is related to internal health, while the charm of the skin and its fitness is termed as the external aspect of the body. All body systems, processes, and metabolic functions are parts of the inner body. It is very interesting to note that both internal and external health are related to each other very closely. Only when all body organs work together, with full flair, can the outer glow come into the show.

Let’s discuss how yoga is worthwhile in maintaining inner wellness and outer charm of the body.

The Philosophy of Mindful Health

Being mindful is an awesome thing for the complete health and wellness of the body. Mindfulness is related to awareness and consciousness. A person, who cares more about his/her body health and living style, is likely to enjoy a complete balance between the inner and outer beauty. Yoga is one of the finest exercises that can lead you to the path of mindfulness.

To be precise, meditation denotes the theory of mindfulness. The yogic practice connects all three aspects of life — mental, physical, and emotional. When you indulge in the beauty of meditation, all you do is focus on the mind. With immense focus, the idea of self-care arises, in addition to giving a healing touch to inner health. Since you are more active about your wellness, external beauty also gets mushroomed in a fantastic way.

Wholesome Living with Yoga

One’s living style has a great impact on the body, mind, and soul. What you eat, when you sleep, and how you exercise are a number factors that need to be considered in the finest fashion in order to live your life astonishingly. Wholesomeness is the central philosophy when we talk about living a virtuous life. In yoga, extreme importance is given to diets and physical workouts. Vegetarianism is an integral part of the ancient science, and vegan food is described as good for overall health. These diets contain nutrients that help the skin glow. Since vegetarian diets get digested in less time, the digestive organs also remain more productive. Green vegetables, fruits, soybean, almonds, and more are extremely effective for attaining external beauty. According to the ancient Indian health philosophy, the more water one’s skin has, the more beautiful it looks.

Promotes Smooth Blood Circulation

Circulation of blood is one of the most significant and incessant processes in the body. It would not be wrong to say that life runs on this. Blood circulation is the key to maintaining almost all functions in the body. Even a healthy metabolism is sponsored by the process.

Yoga’s impact on the circulatory system is related to its breathing beauty. The ancient science has a lot to do with the process of breathing, as well as stretching the muscles. Both of these exercises are helpful in promoting blood circulation. Pranayama, or breathe work, is considered the best practice for a smooth flow of blood throughout the body parts. It is immensely beneficial in giving the external skin a shining glow. Constant breathing also purifies and oxygenates blood in a great way. Presence of pure blood in each and every part of the body makes you stronger from inside and fresh from outside.

Yoga Has a Rejuvenating Power

The 5000-year-old science of Yoga is an incredible way to keep yourself invigorated throughout the day. It is very effective in healing a number of diseases, including stress-related queries. A person having numerous health issues can’t simply be healed internally or externally.

You must have realized that with more work pressure or tension, the skin gets wrinkled and looks pale. One cannot feel the charm of this beautiful world in the state of poor health. Happiness is the main path of soulful perfection, which yoga is strongly associated with. After a session of yoga, you enjoy extreme pleasure. When you begin the day with yoga asanas and meditation, the rest of the day is surely spent in an improved mood. This is very important in gaining inner confidence. You are more likely to revitalize the whole body when you include yogic practice in daily life.

If you are seriously looking to experience the delight of an invigorated body, intelligent mind, and charming skin, do nothing but follow the yogic guidance for ultimate health.

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organizes 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal. Bipin Baloni conducts Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurveda Courses in Kerala in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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