How To Write Nature Poetry

Try these exercises to find the poet in you

| April/May 2002

 Loved One in the Landscape

This is an exercise I adapted from a workshop with Colorado’s poet laureate Mary Crow.

• Think of a relative who’s been on your mind lately. Put his or her initials in the top right corner of your page. Now forget him or her for a while.

• Think of whatever is happening now in the outside world. On your way to work today, what did you see? Consider plants, weather, animals, and geography. Be as specific as possible. Write “robins bobbing for worms on the wet sidewalk” instead of “birds eating.” Come up with twenty images.

• Think again of the person whose initials you wrote. You’re going to write a poem that incorporates the images you collected with the personality of the person you selected. On a separate sheet, write a line about what’s happening outdoors. Write the next line about the person. The two lines don’t need to be obviously connected. For instance:

The swollen bud bursts into bloom.

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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