Homemade (or Not) Father's Day Gifts

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Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th! How are you planning to show the father(s) in your life that you appreciate them? Personally, I’m going to visit my dad and make him some peach cobbler (but then, time and food are my favorite gifts to give, and perhaps even to receive).

I’m planning to make peach cobber on Father’s Day.
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If you don’t already have something lined up for Father’s Day, the internet has more suggestions than you could ever need. I’m just going to throw in a few more ideas for the herb-appreciating dad (or perhaps you appreciate herbs yourself and want to share the love).

1. Grooming Products
Who says that only women can use herbal beauty products? Men deserve pampering too! To that end I offer recipes from our February 2011 issue: Body & Soul: Make Men’s Grooming Products. There’s a cleanser, a shaving cream, two aftershaves and two natural masks that won’t smell of some feminine flower (nothing against them, but I’ve been told most guys don’t want it on themselves). Also, we have recommendations for tested, guy-approved herbal scents.

2. Love the Cook
If your dad likes to cook (or you like to cook for him), we have tons of recipes and ideas. Just a few: Grill up an herbal cookout; make everything from marinades to vegetarian options; perfectly prepare seafood; and try these herbal variations on the classic burger.

3. Garden Tools
Gardening can be pretty labor intensive, so you want to make sure you have the best tools, right? Kris Wetherbee offers expert advice on garden essentials that are worth the money you pay for them (thus, they won’t break the second time you use them).

4. Cool Stuff (that is not herbs)
Not every dad is into herbs, so here are some fun green ideas to brighten your Father’s Day.

• Grow Your Own Beer Garden – ThinkGeek 
If your dad’s a fan of new beers, check out these herbal brew suggestions.
• Solar Gadget Charger – RedEnvelope
•  LightCap 200 Solar LED Cap (for a water bottle) – L.L.Bean  
• Or check out The Daily Green for more ideas. 

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