Home Remedies for Split Ends

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My ends are split and there is no end in sight. My poor hair has gone through so much this winter. My hair feels, and looks, like straw. Luckily The Herb Companion has my back with these moisture-rich and soothing rinses.

Itch-Reliever RinseDon’t let your dry, itchy scalp ruin your day. With soothing oils such as tea tree oil and calming herbs such as thyme, this rinse will surely help you get rid of your scalp-scratching woes.

Luxurious Rinse: To relieve both dry scalp and brittle hair this powerful rinse contains a perfect blend of moisturizing oils and herbs. Add a bit of lavender to the rinse to make your hair smell as good as it will look!

Herbal rinses will add a little luster your hair may lack in the dry, winter months.
Photo by jaqueline_/Courtesy Flickr

Garden Blend Vinegar Rinse: Use the power of your very own garden. This rinse benefits from basil, comfrey root and nettle leaf to enhance the health and shine of your dull, dry hair.

So the next time you hit the shower, whip up a batch of an herbal rinse to repair your hair. Do you have any secret hair remedies to help you get through the winter? Let us know!

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