Snack Guilt-Free with Jovial Foods Einkorn-Flour Organic Holiday Cookies

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We all know what a challenge it can be to stay healthy and not put on those extra pounds during the holidays. Sweets are everywhere, and finding better-for-you dessert options that still taste good is an especially difficult task. But this holiday season there’s help for those searching for such options.

Jovial Foods offers a new line of organic, artisan European-style cookies that have a low calorie count (on average 60 calories per serving) and sugar content (on average 3 grams per serving) and still taste delicious. What sets these cookies apart from your basic low cal cookie is that they’re made with einkorn flour. Einkorn is nature’s original species of wheat, first cultivated nearly 12,000 years ago, and because einkorn grains aren’t hybridized (cross-bred to produce higher-yield crops) like modern whole wheat, they are inherently more nutritious with naturally occurring high protein, nutrient, mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content.

Jovial’s einkorn cookies come in flavors three flavors — Crispy Cocoa (vegan certified), Checkerboard and Ginger Spice — that holiday revelers can enjoy and not feel guilty about eating.

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