Pura Kiki Introduces New Silicone Bottle Sleeves

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Pura Stainless announces the addition of a new line of silicone bottle sleeves to its Kiki offering of stainless steel juvenile feeding and drinking bottles. The semi-permanent sleeves provide a number of functional and aesthetic benefits:

Tactile feedback for small hands – the semi tacky feel and embossed “bumps” gives the bottle a pleasant feel for small growing hands.

Ambient temperature to the touch – silicone has long been used as oven mitts due its ability to provide an insulating layer between hot surfaces and human hands. In a similar fashion, Pura’s new line of sleeves keeps the exterior of the bottle at near ambient temperature so a bottle filled with ice cold juice will not feel cold to the touch nor will a hot bottle burn one’s hands.

Elimination of condensation on the exterior of the bottle – no longer will your little one’s bottle “sweat” on a warm day.

An array of modern and fun colors – change the look or color of your bottle by adding a sleeve

Semi-permanent design – The Kiki sleeve was designed to fit tightly so that it can stay on the bottle even through repeated dishwashing cycles yet it can easily be removed to clean or change up the aesthetics of the bottle.

The Kiki sleeves are offered in two sizes to fit both Pura’s 5oz infant bottle and the 11oz infant and toddler bottles in addition to a number of other juvenile bottles. Kiki sleeves are offered in four colors: translucent blue, purple, pink, and orange all of which color coordinate with Pura’s bottle colors. “The sleeves are a natural progression to our award winning and patents pending Kiki” said Jenifer Moore Vice President and co-founder of Pura Stainless. “Our customer base has been asking for a fun and colorful way to change the look and feel of their bottles and these sleeves certainly accomplish that while also providing some insulating capabilities. Our distribution partners have been pre-ordering the sleeves for the past couple of weeks so we expect them to be widely available soon” added Ms. Moore.

Pura Kiki is a US and international patents pending product line designed to meet the evolving needs of modern mothers. Kiki is the first, and only, 100% plastic free infant and toddler feeding solution with independent test reports showing that it is the safest bottle on the global market showing no detectable levels of BPA, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, phthalates, etc. Not only is the Kiki crafted solely from premium (#304) stainless steel and medical grade silicone, the interior of each bottle is both electro-polished and sandblasted to eliminate voids that can trap bacteria.

Also unique to the Pura Kiki offering is the ability to grow with, and adapt to the evolving needs of the child. Kiki’s patents pending stainless steel lid system was designed specifically to allow all bottles in the line to seamlessly transform from an infant (nipple) bottle to a toddler (spout) sippy cup and vice versa. Similarly, mothers no longer need to accept an inferior bottle due to a child’s insistence on a specific nipple. This fact also expands our available market as Kiki can be sold to both new mothers and mothers who have already chosen a specific nipple shape/design. Lastly, all Kiki bottles features large, easily readable volume markings in both ounces and milliliters and a non-transparent bottle has been proven more effective for storing mother’s milk.

In sum, Pura’s innovative Kiki line is the safest, most adaptable and most durable bottle on the market today. Glass bottles can chip, crack or break and plastic nipple/spout collars and inserts can break and outgas petroleum by-products. Kiki bottles exceed FDA, CPSIA, and European Directive 2002/72/EC regulations and guidelines.

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