Palmpring Introduces Organic Coconut Fiber and Natural Latex Mattress

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Answering the calls of customers who have experienced various degrees of problems in achieving a good night’s rest, Palmpring recently opened a Los Angeles flagship retail store to introduce its high-quality organic mattresses to health-conscious and discerning consumers.

“We are so proud to introduce a higher quality ‘green’ mattress to the U.S. audience,” states Camilla Kim, CEO of Palmpring USA, which manufactures its 100% organic coconut fiber and natural latex mattresses in Los Angeles. Kim’s father founded the original Palmpring mattress company in Korea in 1997, where its superior bedding products are being used by CEOs of major companies, celebrities, athletes, and educated consumers desiring a more elevated form of sleep. “The typical Palmpring customer is one who has already tried a variety of mattresses and found that they don’t offer enough firmness, and who has lost sleep tossing and turning too much because of the lack of support. Our mattresses is highly respected by various medical professionals who counsel patients on back problems, sleep issues, allergies and other medical conditions related to their sleeping environment.”

While Palmpring offers a variety of customizable options for selective clients, there are threesignature “sandwich style” mattresses available in standard sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, King). The most popular mattress is the 4-Way Mattress (retail prices: King $3750, Queen $2900; Full $2500; Twin$1850), which includes two layers of high-density 100% natural latex foam, 2 layers of organic coconut fiber, and a organic cotton ticking with cotton/wool padding on each side of the mattress. Each layer of latex and fiber is 2 inches thick. Depending on which side the mattress is flipped, the customer can choose to sleep on a very firm option or a less firm option. Two other “sandwich style” mattresses include a 2-Way Mattress (retail prices: King $2900, Queen $2200; Full $1950; Twin$1400), where there is a 4-inch fiber layer adhered to a 2-inch foam layer, and the customer has the option to sleep on either side; or a 3-Way Mattress (retail prices: King $3200, Queen $2450; Full $2150; Twin$1550), where one 2-inch layer of fiber is sandwiched between two 2-inch layers of foam, which results in a medium firm option.  Other styles include a pure natural latex mattress–the softest option–or a pure coconut fiber (coir) mattress–the hardest option. Palmpring can construct different thicknesses and dimensions to achieve a desired level of firmness.

100% Natural Latex

Palmpring derives its 100% natural latex from organic rubber trees in India, where the natural rubber is extracted over a period of months and then the rubber is transformed into high-density foam using natural resin without the use of chemicals. The latex gives each mattress tensile strength and a spring-like quality, which does not lose its original shape as in the case of memory foam used by other brands. “The advantage here is that there is no off-gassing from natural latex foam so no chemicals are being released into the air or touching the body,” she adds. “Plus the latex we use is resistant to germs and bacteria growth.”

Organic Coconut Fiber (aka Coir)

Palmpring derives its products from organic coconut trees in India, which are then coated with natural rubber resin, so that they the fiber retains a resilient quality and does not get crushed, torn apart, or broken down over time, as in the case of everyday door mats that use coconut fiber. These treated, high-density fibers are among the densest available, and also 99% germ-resistant. The fiber retains its firmness over many years, and creates a firm support for the mattress, an alternative to the traditional metal coils that provide resistance. Through a specialized bonding technique, the coconut fiber layer adheres permanently to the natural latex foam, without tearing apart, so that the layers create a “sandwich.”

Organic Cotton and Wool Top Layer

On each side of the mattress, the company uses 100% organic cotton ticking with one layer of organic cotton and one layer New Zealand wool to provide a cushion between the body and the coconut fiber and latex layers of the mattress. Each component is un-bleached, thus displays an all-natural color. Most mattress brands use traditional cotton which is heavily sprayed with pesticides.  Here, the layer of wool acts as a natural fire retardant, which allows Palmpring to avoid spraying the layer of fire-retardant chemicals onto its mattresses, which is required in states such as California.

Seven Zones of the Body

Within the natural latex, Palmpring uses a “body map system” (Seven Zones of the Body) and creates several ventilation holes in various sizes and distances to mimic the distribution of the weight throughout the human body, so that the mattress will not sink where the weight is heaviest, or become uneven when supporting body weight.

Lack of Heat and Water Retention

Testing of the organic coconut fiber and natural latex has demonstrated that water drips straight through these natural layers and is not retained by the coconut fibers or latex, which is a problem for many other mattresses. The accumulation of sweat within other mattresses leads to the growth of dust mites, which may consequently lead to various allergies and other respiration problems. Similarly, natural latex and coconut fiber do not retain heat, while memory foam retain heat and moisture when people sweat.


Palmpring has achieved prestigious certifications from Germany’s prestigious Eco Umweltinstitute and LGA Inspection Agency, and from the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute, which approves that Palmpring products meet the human-ecological requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 product class established for baby articles. In addition, Palmpring products have obtained the ISO9001–a certificate of quality of assurance–as well as the ISO14001–a certificate of environmental management system and evaluation.

Palmpring offers a 10-year manufacturer’s defect warranty on its products. In addition to mattresses, the company offers mattress pads, cushions, pillows, linens, and coconut fiber insoles.

Palmpring’s flagship retail store is located at 3006 Wilshire Los Angeles. Palmpring products are also available at Environment Furniture in Los Angeles, Costa Mesa and New York City. 

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