Old Nike Shoes Recycled into StepAhead Carpet Cushion

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Future Foam, one of the world’s largest producers of polyurethane foam and developer of innovative recycled foam products, today announced its StepAhead super-premium carpet cushion available exclusively at The Home Depot, is selling well and is a top choice for consumers.

“As one of Future Foam’s signature products, StepAhead showcases our focus on sustainability, innovation and premium quality,” said Marc Vitale, Director of Operations for Future Foam. “StepAhead not only gives The Home Depot customers another eco-friendly building material option for home or commercial use, but also is the first carpet padding product that keeps scrap from the shoes that walk on it out of landfills.”

Nike salvages its high-quality shoe scrap and transports it to five Future Foam facilities across the United States where it is refined into StepAhead carpet cushion. Future Foam projects that more than four million pounds of Nike Grind material will be used each year in producing StepAhead. The four million pounds installed equals pre-manufactured scrap material from nearly 92 million pairs of athletic shoes.

StepAhead is particularly beneficial to sustaining the life of loop and commercial carpets, as well as texture, twist and pattern carpets. The 7/16″ foam provides appropriate thermal insulation and sound dampening, and contains an industry-leading moisture barrier component that protects subflooring. Each roll of the easy-to-install padding spans 30 square yards and is supported by a lifetime warranty.

“StepAhead with Nike Grind is doing surprisingly well and customers seem to be receptive even though it is not the inexpensive choice,” said Doug Romanoff of Romanoff Flooring, a StepAhead installer. “In a difficult economy, we often see people trading down. But with this product they have chosen to step up.”

A few other interesting facts about StepAhead include:

 *   The process of transforming Nike Grind scrap into the StepAhead products helps keeps 67,000 tons of air pollutants from being released – saving more than 675 million gallons of water.

 *   There is the equivalent of three shoes in every square foot of StepAhead and approximately four million pounds of Nike Grind will be used each year to produce StepAhead.

 *   Not only is this material better for the environment, it’s better for your carpet – each 30-square-yard roll is supported by a lifetime warranty.

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