LittleFootprint Lighting Unveils HeronLED Task Lighting

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LittleFootprint Lighting, a pioneer of sustainably designed LED task lighting products made in the USA from recycled materials, including plastic from e-waste, has announced the availability of its high quality, high performance HeronLED Personal Task Light for corporate and home office environments.

“The HeronLED gives buyers the first-ever opportunity to select truly sustainable, quality task lighting for the office environment,” said Nancy Wahl-Scheurich, CEO of LittleFootprint Lighting. “The HeronLED lamp is highly-efficient, made from recycled materials, is itself easily recyclable, and is designed and manufactured in the USA. We’re excited to bring to market a high quality office product that supports a greener planet and the creation of green jobs.”

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the HeronLED’s adjustable and ergonomic design features a replaceable LED bulb that provides “warm white” light, and uses 7 to 10 times less energy than comparable conventional desk lamps. LittleFootprint’s HeronLED is the first LED desk lamp made of recycled plastic from e-waste.

KEY FEATURES OF HeronLED Personal Task Light

·      First desk lamp made of recycled ABS plastic from e-waste

·      Adjustable, ergonomic design

·      Long-life, “warm white” light

·      Replaceable LED bulb

·      Uses 7 to 10 times less energy compared to conventional desk lamps

·      Desk lamp and LED bulb designed and manufactured in USA


·      Saves energy:  LED light source uses a fraction of the energy used by incandescent or CFL bulbs.

·      Lowers cost:  Immediate savings on electric bill and long-life of LEDs (17 years or longer) means lower bulb replacement cost.

·      More control:  Adjustable design lets user direct comfortable “warm white” light where it’s needed, often requiring less “ambient” lighting and further reducing energy use.

·      Reduces landfill:  Made from recycled plastic and steel and designed for easy recycling at end of life. (Does not contain mercury)

·      Decreases carbon footprint of lighting:  Use of recycled materials and components sourced in the USA, and manufacturing locally, reduces carbon footprint of manufacturing process; lower energy usage when light is on reduces carbon footprint of end user.

·      5-Year Warranty

The price of LFL’s HeronLED is $195. It can be ordered at

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