Introducing Veria ID Innerdosha Ayurvedic Products

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Introducing Veria ID Innerdosha, a full line of 38 natural skin, hair and body care products based in ancient Indian wellness traditions and developed using cutting-edge science to combat the most common beauty concerns.

The History
Veria ID Innerdosha is based in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing wisdom that dates back over 5,000 years. Loosely translated as “the science of life” or “the knowledge” of life,” its principles help achieve overall wellness by keeping the body and mind in balance.

The Products
Veria ID Innerdosha offers four collections, each formulated with its own herbal complex and natural fragrance specifically designed to balance the body and mind: VATA for dry hair/skin types; PITTA for combination or sensitive; KAPHA for those who are naturally oil and five ALL DOSHA products that nourish all types.

Richly nourish VATA Herbal Complex offers deep hydration to quench thirsty skin and hair

• Coconut water hydrates and reduces fine lines
• Super fruit antioxidant Amla protects collagen to keep skin firm and bright
• Horse chestnut extract boosts circulation and lessens redness
• Fragrant blend of vanilla with hints of spicy ginger and cardamom keeps VATA types cozy and down to earth

PITTA Herbal Complex, the perfect balance act for combination or sensitive skin and fine hair

• Potent Boswellia and Turmeric fight off irritation
• Sage helps renew collagen while coleus oil banishes blemishes
• Black pepper makes sure it all skins inCalming, sweet jasmine aroma soothes PITTA’s fiery nature

Banish blemishes, give hair a life and send oil on its way with KAPHA Herbal Complex, the key to clarity

• Antibacterial neem, coleus and vitex oils banish blemishes
• Soapnut bark cleanses and calms
• Black pepper makes sure it all sinks in
• Power trio scent of grapefruit, orange and lemon with a hint of vanilla clarifies and balances KAPHA skin

ALL DOSHAS, 5 products for all skin and hair types

• Gentle face scrub with walnut powder, papaya and pineapple
• Eye gel with soothing cucumber and myrtus leaf extract to reduce dark circles and puffiness
• Lightweight eye cream to firm, brighten and hydrate
• Deep restorative hair and scalp conditioner
• Leave-in cucumber spray to tame tangles and frizz

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