Improve Soil with Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula

More and more, U.S. gardeners are coming to understand that limiting your use of fertilizers doesn’t have to mean foregoing a lush green lawn or bumper crops of flowers and vegetables. The number of U.S. households that used only all-natural fertilizer, insect and weed controls increased from an estimated 5 million households in 2004 to 12 million in 2008, according to the National Gardening Association’s Environmental Lawn and Garden Survey. The survey also found that 39 percent of the estimated 100 million U.S. households with a lawn or garden said that they would either definitely or probably start using all-natural gardening techniques in the future.

Want to join that number? Bio S.I. Technology’s ( Lawn and Garden Formula can help you get great results with your lawn and your garden by improving the soils in which the plants grow. The application of this all-natural liquid infuses beneficial microbes and enzymes into the earth, encouraging the development of healthier plants.  Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden products start to improve your soil and reduce chemical residues with the first application putting you on the way to changing your lawn and garden into a healthy safe place to work and play. 

Over time, the soil in your garden plot or in your lawn can become hard, compacted and water just runs off your lawn. The soil may contain chemical residuals from years of fertilizing and chemical use. Plants have difficulty thriving in this environment because compacted, hard soils are not conducive to a vigorous root system needed for healthy plant growth.

The microorganisms in Bio S.I.’s Lawn and Garden Formula help repair this damage by increasing the humus content in the soil, reducing chemical residues, and improving soil texture making it looser and better aerated. This provides your plants better access to the nutrients in the soil. It encourages them to put down deeper roots, which in turn supports stronger, healthier plant growth above ground. The improved soil holds water better, so you use less of that valuable resource while keeping your plants at their optimal level of hydration. In addition, the all-natural microbes unlock from the soil the nutrients that plants need for vigorous growth– phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur. You’ll also find that better soil attracts more earthworms and other beneficial garden helpers.  Healthy plants attract butterflies, and other beneficial insects into your lawn and garden.  This naturally is a better place for the family to play and be together outside. 

Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula is available in a quart size spray bottle and in quart-size refills that can cover 5,000 square feet of lawn and garden. The organic liquid is easy to apply with a hose-end sprayer or a pump-up sprayer. If your garden is on a larger scale and uses irrigation, the liquid can be calibrated for each application and injected right into the system.

Take the more natural/less chemical approach to your growing plants this year. Get the results that you want for your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs with the application of Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden formula.  When you use products from Bio S.I. you are doing your part to improve the environment you live in as well as conserving other natural resources such as water and soil.

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