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Parents and educators alike are thinking about craft activities for kids now that back-to-school season is rapidly approaching. With recent news about lead and other chemicals in various children’s toys and games, more buyers are seeking natural products when it comes to arts and crafts projects. One popular project continuing to gain market share is Make-Your-Own Beeswax Candle Kits.

“These kits are so popular because Beeswax is 100% natural and clean burning, unlike paraffin candles which are a by-product of petroleum. Beeswax is the only naturally existing wax on earth and is a completely renewable resource, which makes it a great choice for anyone environmentally conscious,” said Susan Short, owner of Toadily Handmade, a leading Beeswax Candle manufacturer.

“Parents can feel comfortable having their kids handle the wax and roll the candles, knowing they are free from petroleum-based chemicals,” added Short. The company has seen an increasing demand for its all-natural Make-Your-Own Beeswax Candle Kits over the past year and has re-designed its kit to make the process easier and more fun for kids and adults.

The growth in Make-Your-Own Beeswax Candle kits ties in to an overall increased demand for Beeswax products in general. Beeswax candles burn brighter, hotter, cleaner and longer than any other wax. As Beeswax candles burn they produce negative ions that clean the air of odors, pollens, smoke, dust, dust mites and allergens . A typical Make-Your-Own Beeswax Candle Kit contains several sheets of honeycomb-printed Beeswax made in the United States, 100% cotton wicks and instructions; enough supplies to make at least 10-12 individual candles.

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