Natural Home’s 5 Funniest Home Gadgets

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Water world: the Fish'n Flush aquarium toilet.
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Carlo Rossi's Cabernet Couch creates lush seating atop 33 old wine jugs.
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Shiver me tinbers--it's a Grow-a-Head pirate.

This April Fool’s Day, we’re celebrating wacky inventions. They’re good for a grin, but remember: Yesterday’s chuckle could be tomorrow’s Big Idea.

1. Fish ‘n Flush Aquarium Toilet: This two-piece toilet tank contains a fully functioning aquarium. Don’t worry, you won’t send Nemo to sewery oblivion–the tank and aquarium are separate.

2. Carlo Rossi Jug Simple Furniture: The beloved jug-o-wine maker reuses empties to create far-out furniture. 

3. Season Shot flavored ammunition: This tasteful ammo lets you step effortlessly from hunter’s camouflage to chef’s apron. Flavored Season Shot melts into the meat while the bird cooks.       

4. Knit Light: Purl-aholics now can cast on in the dark with Clover’s lighted knitting needles. Each needle contains a battery-powered bulb to illuminate organic yarns.

5. Grow-A-Head: Pals with pigtails or Mohawks will love Grow-A-Heads, which sprout a full head of grass “hair” that can be trimmed to reflect its owner’s style.  

Special thanks to Grist online magazine for its hilarious suggestions. Check out the Grist List,

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