Fireclay Tile 100 Percent Recycled Glass Tile “Crushing” the Competition

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In its five months since launch, Crush 100% Recycled Glass Tile has captured the world of tile, sustainability, and interior design. Recently nominated for Interiors & Sources 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards, the product has been selected for specification in hospitals, restaurants, commercial offices, cafeterias and hundreds of residences throughout the U.S. Fireclay Tile is proud to share some of its recent accomplishments with Crush: 

Materials Recycled:

Every square foot of Crush weighs just over 4 lbs, and 99.5% of the product is 100% recycled glass from pre-consumer recycled window panes. Fireclay Tile collects the glass just 15 miles away from the largest window cutter in Northern California, and what started as Fireclay literally sorting through dumpsters for scraps has turned into a pristine operation in which Fireclay receptacles are on site and removed as often as three times per week, eliminating now over 1 ton (or 2200 lbs) of glass from the waste stream each week. Fireclay then crushes and processes the glass in its local San Jose, CA manufacturing facility, just 15 miles from the site of collection. Since launching Crush, Fireclay Tile has successfully up-cycled over 55,000 lbs of glass from its local environment, turning a once waste material into beautiful, sustainable tile for interiors and exteriors. Fireclay Tile’s goal is to offset over 1 million pounds of glass within the next 3 years.

Economic Development:

One of the main reasons Fireclay Tile launched Crush was to create jobs in its local San Jose, CA economy. In a time when unemployment is at the top of the headlines, Fireclay has increased the full-time Crush staff from one to four, bringing three new jobs to the local San Jose market. Fireclay hopes to add even more jobs to its local economy as its production needs continue to grow.

Featured Projects:

Crush has already been part of hundreds of projects ranging from several pieces for mosaic projects to 500 square foot orders for elementary schools and restaurants. These projects have selected Crush both due to its sustainable manufacturing processes, but more importantly for its rich color and extensive size and shape collection. Some recent hospitality and commercial projects that Fireclay is excited to be part of include:

  • Chicago Museum of Science Smart House – Chicago, IL
  • Google, Inc. – San Francisco, CA
  • New Avenue Homes Model Showcase Home – San Jose, CA
  • Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) – San Diego, CA
  • Dwell Showhome – San Francisco, CA
  • Pacific Palisades Elementary – Pacific Palisades, CA


Crush is now available in over 50 showrooms throughout the U.S. These range from high-end tile showrooms to green building supply stores with strict criteria for sustainably manufactured products. The latest showroom to introduce Crush is Treehouse in Austin, TX, a new Home Depot-like concept store focused exclusively on sustainable building materials. All showrooms have been outfitted with color boards and various concept boards that introduce the product to customers in unique and beautiful ways to help inspire their design aesthetic. Visit to find a Crush showroom near you!

Fireclay has been hard at work launching this beautiful product. Crush is made-to-order within two weeks from Fireclay Tile’s sustainable, artisan manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA.. With 40 different colors, available in both gloss and matte finishes, and an array of 17 sizes with complementary borders, the design options are limitless.  Come check out Fireclay’s newest Crush at!

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