Feed Your Kids Healthy Back-to-School Meals with Rush Bowls

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Yes it is… and amidst your endless list of to-do’s at the start of the school year, there’s one more thing you have to remember EVERY DAY: Feed your kids a good breakfast and pack them a healthy lunch.

Enter Rush Bowls.

Balanced Breakfast
We promise that your kids will beam with joy when you give them a Rush Bowl. What’s better than a pure blend of fruits and other natural ingredients topped with organic granola or gluten-free crispy rice? They might not know that Rush Bowls are super healthy but you know the facts: they’re all-natural, packed with vitamins, protein and fiber, while being low in fat and calories.

And, as you know, kids that eat a healthy breakfast are charged and ready to conquer the day!

Power Lunch

Wouldn’t you love it if it took only 3 seconds to pack your child a super healthy lunch for school? Rush Bowls make this dream a reality. Just grab a Rush Bowl out of your freezer, put it in the lunch box and, within a few hours, your child can dig in and enjoy. Rush Bowls also serve as an “ice pack” to keep your child’s drink and/or snack cool.

Moms and Dads: Rush Bowls aren’t just for kids! You need a healthy meal as well. Bring Rush Bowls to work (or play), let them thaw naturally, or microwave them directly from the freezer and they’ll be ready in less than a minute.

Rush Bowls – YourSupermeal

Rush Bowls are delicious and nutritious ready-made meals, prepared with a blend of fruit and other natural ingredients, including organic granola or gluten-free crispy rice for topping. Rush Bowls can be enjoyed by almost anyone, even if you maintain a dairy-free, gluten-free or vegan diet.

With five different varieties, we have a Rush Bowl for you:

The Power Bowl is rich in protein and fiber.

The Beach Bowl and Gluten-Free Beach Bowl are made with acai superfruit and are loaded with vitamins (and are dairy and soy free).

The Oasis Bowl is made with nutritious coconut milk and is super high in vitamin C (and is dairy and soy free).

The Yoga Bowl has tons of fiber and is infused with green tea, which is rich in antioxidants (and is vegan).

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