Eco-Friendly PopUp Houses Ready to Assemble

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The PopUp House from House Port, Inc. embodies the definition of model green home as it utilizes sustainable methods, not only within the structure of the dwelling, but also within the interior of the home. 

A PopUp house:

  • Can be built in less than two months and provide ample living space, bedroom area, kitchen and utility space.
  • Is made of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) making it energy efficient.
  • Includes an innovative House Port structure providing insulation and relief from the weather as well as creating an open outdoor patio that surrounds the home. This port significantly lowers heater and air condition use as it traps in heat during the winter and provides shade during the summer.

Hally Thacher, an acclaimed artist, started her company, House Port, a few years ago with the vision of providing prospective homebuyers with an alternative, stylish and customizable home that promotes sustainability, contrary to modular and traditionally manufactured homes. She created House Port with the promise of simplicity without compromising elegance, style or design.

To discover what it takes to put up a PopUp House, take a virtual tour and view House Port’s delightful Webisode series that light-heartedly details the challenges and surprises during the construction of the prototype house in Northern California. 

 What sets the PopUp House apart from other pre-fabricated living solutions, among other things, is the cost, time required for construction, low waste footprint, and its unique roofing system.

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