DuChateau Floors Introduces Eco-Friendly Hard Wax Oil for its FSC-Certified Floors

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Originally developed in Holland, DuChateau Floors feature antique reproduction hard wax oil floors that reflect styles from centuries ago. Polyurethane, acrylic, and aluminum oxide finished floors have become so standard in the United States and Canada that many people don’t realize they have another option – a hard wax oil wood floor, a repairable floor finish used in Europe’s most famous museums and buildings. DuChateau Floors have a character of timelessness that fits with nearly every décor. Combining old world craftsmanship with luxurious modern design, DuChateau Floors are suitable for interior commercial, retail and residential flooring, ceiling and wall panel applications.

Eco-Friendly Modern Twist on Vintage-Style Flooring

Using all FSC-certified wood, DuChateau Floors puts a modern twist on vintage-style flooring. Keeping true to their hardwood floor production philosophy, DuChateau creates textured hardwood floors with changing grain patterns of the natural wood characterizing true artistic design.

Eight hand-crafted collections from renewable hardwoods are available; Chateau, Vernal, Riverstone, Terra, Fine Sawn, Atelier, New Classics, and Palais. These collections feature long-length, wide-plank or parquet patterned floors that have been hand scraped, smoked, and/or wire-brushed for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance.

The Riverstone Collection is their latest series, an evolution of hand- sculpted hardwood flooring that blends beautifully with interiors old and new. Natural distressing and raised knots give the floors a raw and organic contour. The Riverstone Collection effortlessly merges modern and rustic to create a truly original and inspiring floor.

Alternative Renewable Floor Finish

One of the first to bring hard wax oil to the U.S. market, DuChateau Floors offer excellent durability and renewability while allowing the wood to breathe and live with you. Instead of coating the floor with a shiny layer of plastic, pure hard wax oil penetrates into wood fibers and protects from within.  This environmentally friendly, zero-VOC, preservative-free, unique lustrous finish maximizes the wood’s natural character and beauty, and gains a rich patina and refinement as it ages. Natural ingredients in DuChateau Hard wax Oil include; sunflower, soybean and thistle oil, combined with natural waxes carnauba and canella. It also contains tiny silicone dioxide (glass) beads, which make the floor more resilient and lustrous and benzene-free, low-odor mineral spirits.

Unlike with polyurethane or aluminum oxide finishes, DuChateau Hard Wax Oil natural finish allows easy spot repairs. There’s no need to strip the whole floor or even to remove old hard wax oil. For repairs, just lightly sand the damaged area along its grain and buff with maintenance oil. And as it has been tested with time, a DuChateau Hard Wax Oiled finished floor will last for generation after generation.

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