Brewing Iced Tea with Numi Organic Tea

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There’s no better refreshment on a hot summer day than a cold, freshly-brewed glass of
organic iced tea. No one knows this better than tea expert Ahmed Rahim,
Co-Founder and Chief Alchemist at Numi Organic Tea. The simple
combination of ice and tea is quite young in comparison to its heated
counterpart. Popularized at the exceptionally hot St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904, iced tea found its niche and has since become an American favorite and summertime
staple. In fact, the vast majority of the tea consumed in America is
iced, with estimates as high as 85% or 2.5 billion gallons.

Whether one is making it iced or hot, Ahmed recommends using only the purest tea.
Numi’s collection of organic and Fair Trade Certified teasand teasans are made with full-leaf teas and 100 percent real ingredients,
offering nature-inspired summer refreshment.  In addition to their
traditional teas, Numi offers unique tea blends such as their Jasmine Green,
Rooibos Chai, and Dry Desert Lime.  And while many bottled iced teas come
loaded with high sugar content, calories and artificial flavorings,
hand-brewing iced tea is a great way to control exactly what’s in the glass.

“Brewing iced tea at home with our extensive line of organic teas and teasans truly
allows the tea-drinker to create a unique and one-of-a-kind blend,” says Ahmed,
CEO and Co-Founder of Numi. “The flavor possibilities are endless.”

offers the following instructions to make the perfect glass of iced tea for one
or more:

1 GLASS ICED TEA (16 oz .):
Steep 2 tea bags of your choice of Numi Organic Tea (Ahmed recommends Numi’s
namesake, Dry Desert Lime or the popular Coconut Pu-erh) in a heat resistant
glass/cup of 8 oz. hot water for 5 minutes.  Fill separate glass with
ice. Pour hot tea over ice and top off with more ice.

1 PITCHER ICED TEA (32 oz.):- Steep 4 tea bags of your choice of Numi Organic Tea in a heat
resistant 16 oz. container of hot water for 8 minutes. Fill separate pitcher
with ice. Pour hot tea over ice and top off with more ice.

SUN TEA, (makes 8 oz. servings): Place 6 tea bags in 32 oz. pitcher and let sit in the bright sun for 1

On the run– Numi’s tea
can also be “cold-brewed” by simply dropping the preferred tea bag in a bottle
of cold water. After about twenty minutes, it becomes home-made iced tea
to go.

Of course, once the tea is brewed, add more ice,
relax and enjoy.

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