Bonnie Bright’s Children’s Books Promote Composting, Give to Zero Waste San Diego

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Author/illustrator Bonnie Bright is contributing a portion of book sales to Zero Waste San Diego.  Her children’s book Casey’s Compost is a simple, rhyming tale about a young boy who discovers composting.  Casey’s new obsession with composting is, at first, misunderstood, but, with his mother’s support, composting eventually inspires the school and surrounding community to make big changes.

A portion of proceeds from all book sales goes to Zero Waste San Diego as Bright believes the planet’s future, and ours, is dependent on all of us learning to produce zero waste.  The book is printed in the USA on recycled paper, and is printed on demand, which eliminates warehouse storage and reduces emissions from extra truck rides to and from storage. 

“If you don’t like my book, compost it!” Bright said.

The Spanish version of the book, La Composta de Francisco, contributes money to the Casa Llanta Fund. Casa Llanta is an earth ship built by a Nicaraguan community in El Carizal.  The fund helps send their students to college, something they could never achieve without help.

“For the Spanish version of Casey’s Compost, La Composta de Francisco, I added the names of the special needs children in the village of el Carizal as a fun surprise. They really got a kick out of that,” Bright said.

Inspired by the idea of zero waste, Bright also wrote and illustrated the rhyming tale, Junky Joe’s Dump.  A portion of proceeds from this book also goes to the Casa Llanta Fund

Junky Joe’s Dump is about a town with an overflowing landfill that inspires residents to reduce waste, reuse items creatively and learn to compost.  The town comes together to facilitate the formation of composting windrows where the dump once stood. 

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