Bob’s Red Mill Offers New Pearl Couscous Varieties

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Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods announces the retail availability of three new delicious varieties of Pearl Couscous, also known as Israeli Couscous. Couscous pearls are small beads of either toasted semolina flour or whole wheat flour and provide a convenient, nutritious all-natural alternative to pasta and rice.

“For families today, it can be a challenge to quickly and easily prepare nutritious meals,” said Bob Moore, founder of employee-owned Bob’s Red Mill. “Not only can our Pearl Couscous be cooked in minutes, but it also offers a better vitamin profile than pasta and more protein than white rice.”

Bob’s Red Mill’s new Pearl Couscous comes in the following varieties:
Whole Wheat Pearl Couscous: A robust, whole grain couscous featuring small beads of toasted whole wheat flour.
Pearl Couscous: A natural couscous featuring small beads of toasted semolina flour.
Tricolor Pearl Couscous (red, green and white pearls): An eye-catching, flavorful combination of small beads of toasted semolina flour — some flavored with spinach and tomato and some naturally unflavored.

Couscous is well known worldwide and is a staple in countries such as Israel, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It also is common in Sicilian cuisine and has become popular in France, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

All three of Bob’s Red Mill’s new Pearl Couscous varieties feature a unique nutty flavor, making them great to pair with meats, fish, seasonal vegetables, beans, sauces or broths for a hearty fall stew. Quick cooking and easy to prepare, main dishes, sides and salads can be made in just minutes.

“Our new Pearl Couscous line provides a healthy, versatile alternative to pasta or rice,” said Matthew Cox, marketing director at Bob’s Red Mill. “They are a perfect fit among our more than 400 delicious and nutritious foods for every meal of the day.”

Bob’s Red Mill’s Pearl Couscous is available online now at and at select retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The MSRP for a 16-ounce bag is $3.99.

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