Best for the Garden

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Wedge Worldwide's Recycled Glass Bloom Hummingbird Feeder's design is based on antique hurricane lanterns.
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Seed Savers Exchange's Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck squash is an all-American treat.
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SonnyLight LED grow lights save energy.
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EcoSource greenPots are made with plant cellulose.

Encourage pollination

Entice honeybees, along with other pollinators such as hummingbirds, by providing an attractive habitat around your home.


High Country Gardens
(800) 925-9387
Blue Orchard Mason Bee Nest nesting tube for bees to lay eggs

Planet Natural
(800) 289-6656
Orchard Mason Bee Home made from preservative-free lumber

Wedge Worldwide
(866) 933-1002
Recycled Glass Bloom Hummingbird Feeder


These kits make it easy to start a set of veggies or grow year-round produce.

Garden kits

Heartwood International
(800) 452-8251
garden bed kits

(541) 488-0931
Solexx and Grow4It kits include greenhouse, LED grow lights, shelving, pots, watering mats and more

Shop Green Village
veggies in biodegradable seed-starting cells with rice hull tray

SonnyLight LED Kitchen Garden
(877) 204-5345
adjustable-wavelength countertop or hanging LED grow light with a tray for 72 seeds

Seeds and starters

Choose certified organic plants and seeds suited to your climate. Selecting heirloom varieties ensures crop diversity for future generations.

(800) 333-5808
vegetable, herb and flower seeds

The Cook’s Garden
(800) 457-9703
seeds and plants

Heirloom Seeds
(724) 663-5356
vegetable, herb and flower seeds

Peaceful Valley
(888) 784-1722
olive, fig and citrus trees, berries

Seed Savers Exchange
(563) 382-5990
nonprofit, works to preserve heirlooms

Seeds of Change
(888) 762-7333
seeds and plants

Perfect pots

Look for planters made from natural or recycled materials or make your own from castoffs and thrift store finds such as buckets, tins, bowls or cookware.


(800) 923-3623
American-made, biodegradable, manure-fiber plantable pots

(404) 377-2570
pots made from rice hulls

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
(877) 564-6697
organic, biodegradable pots

(888) 438-5346
PotMaker tool makes pots out of recycled newspaper

Ten Thousand Villages
(877) 883-8341
fair trade ceramic planters

Uncommon Goods
(888) 365-0056
renewable grain-husk pots


Tackle pests with natural controls such as beneficial insects (or backyard chickens), or choose a natural pesticide that won’t leach chemicals into soil and water.

Natural pest control

Arbico Organics
(800) 827-2847
Pest Control Recipe supplement attracts beneficial insects

Gardens Alive!
(513) 354-1482
Pot Stickers nontoxic glue traps capture pests

(800) 800-1819
Spray-Away motion-activated water repellent

Omlet USA
(866) 653-8872
chicken coops made from recyclable materials

Learn more

The following books are available through

Four-Season Harvest
by Eliot Coleman

The Winter Harvest Handbook
by Eliot Coleman

Food Not Lawns
by Heather Coburn Flores

Mother Earth Living
Mother Earth Living
The ultimate guide to living the good life!