Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products for Your Green Home

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Bambeco's "Sweet Shop" apron is covered in cakes, cookies and cupcakes.
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Bram's Round Covered Casserole dish, handmade with volcanic soil from Tuscany, is stovetop-, oven- and microwave-safe.
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BLI's Connexx LED Light Strips use white LEDs color-corrected to match irridescent light.
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Miele offers 30- and 36-inch stainless steel and glass induction cooktops.
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The Natural Home countertop composter eliminates odors.

Countertop illumination

Undercabinet lighting doesn’t get much easier or more efficient than LED light strips (no tools necessary).

Aprons away

Cooking’s more fun (and less messy) with lively organic cotton aprons.

Leftovers for the lawn

Composting kitchen scraps is one of the easiest ways to reduce your landfill contribution and improve your garden’s soil.

Cool to be hot

Induction cookers use a copper wire coil–an electromagnet–to directly heat iron or steel cooking vessels. Users instantaneously control cooking energy, so induction cookers use about 20 to 40 percent less than gas or electric ranges.

Dig clay

Quality clay cookware is made with all-natural, low-impact materials and without toxins or chemicals. Clay baking vessels circulate food’s natural moisture, sealing nutrients and reducing the need for added fats.


LED light strips


Brodwax Lighting

Pegasus Associates Lighting

Philips Lighting

Progress Lighting

Induction cooktops



5-cooking zone


Organic cotton aprons

Apron Creations


Chrysalis Apparel

Green Wrapz

Mimi the Sardine

World of Green

Countertop composters

Busch Systems

Clean Air Gardening

Gardener’s Supply


Natural Home

SCD Probiotics

Lead-free clay cookware


Eden Home

La Tienda



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