Just Ask: Energy-Efficient Hot Water Heaters and Your Impact on Global Warning

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Q: Last spring, when our fifty-gallon hot water tank decided to give our basement floor a thorough cleaning, we had to scramble to find an energy-efficient alternative. After about a week of cold showers, we got an energy-friendly, natural-gas, heat-on-demand system. Planning ahead definitely would have saved us time, money, and goose bumps.
Liz, Silver Spring, Maryland

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Q: If we’re talking about the balance sheet of the world, does it really matter if I use a more or less environmentally responsible solution to wash my fruit? I’m wondering what three major, concrete changes you recommend people make (ones a bit more difficult to implement than using lower energy lightbulbs!) that would really let us rest easy at night knowing we’d contributed?
Cate, New York

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