Seeing Green: Eco-Friendly Eyeglasses from ICU Eyewear

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Photo Courtesy ICU Eyewear
Sustainable Bamboo Cat Eye

ICU Eyewear recently launched its eco-friendly line of 14 reading glasses, three sun readers and two sunglasses, offered in multiple colors.

With a strong commitment to producing environmentally responsible products, ICU Eyewear makes three types of eco-friendly glasses. Glasses that contain recycled metal originate from garbage and those that contain reclaimed plastic derive from the company’s factory floors. ICU Eyewear also offers glasses that come in sustainable bamboo, which meets EU/CE standards and do not contain formaldehyde. 

The glasses range in style, from a retro cat eye to a contemporary rectangle and oval to complement every customer’s facial shape. Not only are the glasses eco chic, but also very affordable–starting around $22.95. The reading glasses range from 1.25 to 2.50 depending on your vision needs. 

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