Eco-Chic Clothes for Kids: jz homesewn

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Photo by Nicole Williams
Recycled styles for the next generation from jz homesewn.

CONSCIENTIOUS COUTURE: Jennifer Zamudio, designer of jz homesewn–a vintage children’s clothing line–creates fashions reminiscent of the sixties and seventies from recycled materials and scraps, eliminating the need for new cotton or materials. Her designs include dresses, pajamas, boy’s clothes and baby accessories.

VIRTUOUS VINTAGE: Zamudio scavenges thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for Hawaiian print muumuus, funky pantsuits, pillowcases and other vintage textiles. “I had so many bags of scraps from cutting out dresses that I even decided to recycle my own remnants,” she says.

RECYCLE AND RE-CREATE: Some clients send Zamudio materials. “It’s exciting to see what can be created from your grandmother’s tablecloth that was stuffed in the back of the closet,” she says.

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