The Best New Eco-Products for 2009

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Nourish Organic Acai Berry and Seabuckthorn nightime face moisturizer, handmade olive oil soap blends from The Soap Kitchen, and the Ever Bamboo charcoal sachets can get 2009 off to a great, green start.
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Natural latex noodles fill the Cozypure La’Noodle Pillow and the In2Green dog blanket is made from Eco2cotton.
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ModRocks 100 percent recycled glass mosaic tiles, Ecoclear Rooglue and Caliz clay paint are some hot eco-products for the new year.

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1. ModRocks 100 percent recycled glass mosaic tiles add shine and texture to floors, shower walls and backsplashes. Made of crushed, tumbled consumer bottles, their manufacture is low-energy. 1-square-foot tile: $26. (877) 439-9734.

2. Perfect for metal, stone, pottery and ceramics projects, Ecoclear Rooglue contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or formaldehyde. EcoClear strongly bonds porous surfaces together. 8-ounce bottle: $6.29. (877) 766-4583. Sign up to win this product!

3. Petroleum- and odor-free Vital Systems Caliz clay paint is available in textured, smooth and porcelain finishes in six colors: ochre, terra cotta, sienna, sage green, lapis and lavender. 5-gallon dry mix bucket: $56 to $80. 2-pound pigments: $18 to $26. (888) 859-6336. Sign up to win this product!

4. Brondell perfect flush turns any toilet into a dual-flush model. The two-button control, which dispenses less water to flush liquids and more for solids, fits on most toilets and can cut your water use by 50 percent. It can be installed in less than half an hour. Perfect Flush: $149. (888) 542-3355

5. The bottomless recycled plastic compost bin from Clean Air Gardening enriches the soil beneath it with compost tea. Made from 100 percent recycled plastic, the bin is just the right size for kitchen scraps and yard waste. 55.4-gallon composter: $100. (214) 819-9500. Sign up to win this product!

6. Natural latex noodles fill the Cozypure La’Noodle Pillow, adding flexibility to cradle the head and neck. The hypoallergenic pillow is also mold-, mildew- and dust mite-resistant. Standard size: $52. (800) 229-7571. Sign up to win this product!

7. The In2Green dog blanket is made from Eco2cotton, comprised of recycled fabric clippings. The blankets are available in a variety of colors and prints and can be customized. 50-by-60-inch blanket: $125. (914) 693-5054. Sign up to win this product!

8. Nourish Organic Acai Berry and Seabuckthorn nightime face moisturizer has organic aloe, shea butter and calendula to leave skin naturally supple. All Nourish products bear the USDA Organic seal and are packaged in 50 percent post-consumer plastic. 2-ounce jar: $16. (888) 385-0786. Sign up to win this product!

9. Marketed as “Man Bars,” these handmade olive oil soap blends from The Soap Kitchen are infused with essential oils such as tea tree, patchouli, cinnamon-clove and green tea-verbena. Olive oil soap: $14 for 8 ounces; Soap dish: $6. (626) 396-9996. Sign up to win this product!

10. Millions of tiny holes in bamboo charcoal help Ever Bamboo charcoal sachets absorb odor and moisture. Ideal for storage spaces and cabinets, the deodorizers also repel insects. Set of two, 30 grams each: $7.50. (403) 680-7538. Sign up to win this product!

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