3Girls Holistic Launches Organic Beauty Products for Girls

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Little girls love to play with make-up. But most conventional cosmetics targeted to young girls are filled with questionable and toxic ingredients. With that in mind, 3Girls Holistic announces the launch of 100% organic and wild-harvested products designed for young girls.

Launching in August 2013, the roll-on Pretty Flower Perfume and Orange Pop Lip Gloss feature good-enough-to-eat ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, honey, and pure essential fruit oils. Beautiful packaging and sweet scents make these irresistible to young girls with a cosmetic candy crush.

3 Girls Holistic is a new organic-based skincare line creating natural, affordable, and effective products for women as well as products targeted to new moms and children. The line includes cleansers, creams, aromatherapy mists, and postpartum products.

3Girls Holistic was developed to not only nourish the skin but to improve overall health. With that philosophy in mind, the entire line is 100% natural and handcrafted with either organic or wild-harvested ingredients that have been carefully selected for their demonstrated benefits. In fact, the entire line is pure enough to eat!

Unlike other natural products on the market that contain dozens of ingredients, 3Girls Holistic believes less is more.  Being selective and simple gives each ingredient the ability to work at its maximum benefit level. 3Girls Holistic infuses its herbs into the essential oils over a period of weeks, to achieve their highest potential for healing.

All products are handmade in Nevada and all materials are sourced from U.S.-based companies. Education and charitable giving is imperative to the brand, which gives a portion of all proceeds to Improving Birth, Human Milk Bank Association of North America, and Earth Island Institute.

3Girls Holistic was founded in 2012 by Amy Paolinelli, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and mother of three. Amy studies Herbal Medicine for Women and provides education and a variety of pure and clean herbal products for health and healing. Amy is joined by co-owner Melonie McCoy, another work-at-home mom and advocate for natural health and beauty.

3Girls Holistic products are available at Motherhood Maternity stores nationwide, online at 3girlsholistic.com, and in other select retailers.

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