6 Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

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There are many ways to enhance the air quality in your home. Aside from remembering to dust, if you are sensitive to allergens and pollen, really cleaning and purifying the air is something you need to do. If you want to breathe better throughout the day, here are some natural purifying techniques you can use to improve your life at home.


Open the Windows

Fresh, clean air dilutes the pollution that’s found in various spaces. To achieve the best results, leave the windows open for about 15 minutes each day, during times when the air is relatively dry. If the pollen count is high, you should keep your windows closed to avoid allergies. Letting moist air into your house means potential mold risks in certain areas will increase, so be aware of when you decide to let fresh air in.

Vacuum in multiple passes

In order to get clearer air throughout your entire home, you must get rid of dust. By vacuuming dirty areas more than once, you’ll capture more dust and boost the overall air quality. To prevent fraying on area rugs, work from the center outward. Take your time and be sure to empty it as you go, so the suction will work best.

Use the Bathroom Fans

Mold can cause coughing and congestion if not addressed in your environment. However, you can prevent the development of mold by running your bathroom fans regularly. When the blades spin, they’ll pull the air out of the space and reduce the chances of mold growth in moist areas.

Clean the Filters

Air filters that are clogged or dirty won’t operate at high efficiency. If you have an AC system, you must design a proper maintenance schedule by working with an HVAC maintenance company. According to the American Lung Association, the filters in a typical HVAC unit should be inspected every season.

Use the Fireplace Less Often

When wood burns in a fireplace, it produces harsh toxins that can cause serious breathing issues. If certain kinds of wood are burnt regularly, children or elderly family members could develop severe health problems, such as lung or heart disease.

Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds

Many forms of commercial house paints include toxic chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Keep paint buckets in an area that’s well-ventilated. Better yet, try using paint with low-VOC or non-VOC content in your home to reduce or eliminate those contaminants completely.

Overall, the process of keeping the air in your home clean isn’t complicated if proper procedures are implemented. If you’re concerned about gas levels and other harmful toxins you may consider investing in an air quality test. Companies such as AirCheck One can detect additional pollutants you might not be aware of, and can make your home safer. Typically, prices for these services start at around $100 for a test kit, or $300 for a professional residential air quality test. If you have allergies or asthma, using these techniques may improve your overall quality of life.

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