Green Oral Hygiene: Preserve Recycled Toothbrushes in Mail-Back Package

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Despite their size, toothbrushes can create a lot of waste. Every year Americans throw away some 50 million pounds of toothbrushes. Next time you’re ready to replace your old toothbrush (which should be every three months), reach for a recycled toothbrush from Preserve and green your oral hygiene routine.

Don’t worry–“recycled” doesn’t mean someone else used the toothbrush before you! Preserve’s toothbrush bristles are all brand new, but the handle is made from 100 percent recycled number 5 plastic yogurt cups. Better yet, Preserve makes it easy to keep up the recycling process. Each toothbrush’s package doubles as a return envelope, so after your three months are up, put your used toothbrush back in its package, tape the top down and toss it in the mail–the postage is already paid!

Preserve’s recycled toothbrushes come in five fun colors: grass green, magenta, midnight blue, white or sky blue (pictured above). Photo Courtesy Preserve.

Individual toothbrushes cost $2.99 and come in a variety of options. Order your bristles to be ultra soft, soft or medium, and select a toothbrush color from one of five fun options: grass green, magenta, midnight blue, sky blue or white. Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean this eco-friendly toothbrush skimps on performance. The handle is curved, making it easier to grip while brushing, and the brush’s tiered bristles give your teeth an all-over clean.

If you have trouble remembering to replace your toothbrush every three months, then enroll in Preserve’s toothbrush subscription program. For $13, Preserve will mail you a year’s worth of toothbrushes, which equals out to four toothbrushes, one every three months. Your mouth–and your dentist–will thank you.

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