Getting Kids Outdoors: 6 Inventive Activities

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Getting kids outdoors can sometimes prove challenging. Kathryn Bluher emphasized in her Seattle Children’s article, “8 Activities to Get Kids Outdoors in Cold Weather,” nearly half of American preschoolers haven’t experienced parent-supervised outdoor play each day. This data was obtained from a study conducted by Pooja Tandon, a pediatritician and childhood-health researcher, which also found that 15 percent of mothers and 30 of percent fathers in the U.S. don’t take their children outside to walk or play even a few times per week.

Tandon also stated that outdoor activities provide children the physical and motor development they need. Additionally, these activities improve kids’ vitamin D levels and mental health.

How do you get your kids to appreciate nature? How do you convince them that outdoor play can be fun and enjoyable while ensuring their safety? Help your kids live a healthier life while keeping them happy. Entice them with these innovative outdoor activities for kids—they won’t be able to resist!

1.Cramp Together like “Sardines”

Photo courtesy Andrea Macken, via Pinterest

Tweak the classic hide-and-seek by playing a game called sardines. Here’s how to play sardines: In this game, only one child hides, while the other kids wait for 25 minutes before searching for the hider. As each searcher finds the hider, he crawls quietly to the hider’s hiding place. Searchers need to be careful not to let other searchers find their hiding spot. The searchers and the hider eventually cramp together in the tiny hiding space, like “sardines.” At some point in time, the players won’t be able to contain their giggles, while they crowd a restricted space for hiding. This is what makes the game fun for your children!

Ensure kids safety by playing the game in a wide outdoor space, like a local park or your backyard. A wide space will give your kids more place to move about, and play the hide-and-seek counterpart. Plus, playing this game will let your kids appreciate the creative purpose of nature. But don’t forget to supervise your kids while playing to enhance their security outdoors.

2.Collect Rain in an Ice Cream Tub

Photo courtesy Lalita Krish, via Pinterest

According to, kids who play both cautiously and creatively are those that have clean and lasting fun. Don’t hesitate to take play ideas for kids to the next level. Play with your children in the rain outside. Have fun gathering rain in an empty ice cream tub.

Expand your kids’ storehouse of knowledge. Weigh the tub with them after it has collected rain in your backyard for an hour. The additional knowledge kids will gain from this activity will help them complete schoolwork better or finish a life task in general.

3.Demolish a Big Leaf Pile

Train your little ones to achieve stronger body stamina. Guide them to rake up a big leaf pile, then let them demolish it afterward. Raking leaves will give kids the physical exercise their body needs. Heavy stuff may overwhelm your little ones, so be sure to assist your kids in using the rake to avoid injuries and accidents. Allow children to get carried away with their imagination. Let them ingeniously reconstruct the leaf pile into something their hearts desire.

4. Tummy Time Activities

Photo courtesy Debbie Fischer, via Pinterest

Secure your children’s playground safety by letting them observe their outdoor surroundings closely. Take a break from playing in seesaws and swings with your kids. Lie down on the grass with them on your tummies. You may observe the playground environment, review safety play measures together, or use your imagination and come up with stories while lying down comfortably.

Make sure to keep your playground safe by letting your young ones demonstrate their learning gained from Tummy Time moments before they resume playing in your backyard.

5. Build Your Own Carnival

Photo courtesy Cynthia Ramirez, via Pinterest

A backyard carnival compliments your kids’ fun outdoor activities. Use cardboard, poster board, construction paper and bean bags to build your own carnival. Construct a ticket booth, balloon dart board and photo booth backdrop in your playground. Make believe you’re in a miniature carnival. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it look realistic.

6.Tracking Animals Helps Kids Learn to Pay Attention

Photo courtesy Suchil Coffman-Guerra, via Pinterest

Think about helpful activities to get your kids to play outside. Sharpen your children’s attention and memory by going on an outdoor tracking activity. Wild animals, such as cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer, red fox and fox squirrel, may be hard to spot, but the footprint marks they leave in the mud can guide you to the direction they pass through. Ask your children informational questions afterward, such as what was the animal doing? Why did it stop at a particular area? And where has the animal gone now?

Exert additional efforts in supervising your children during the trip. Getting too close to wild animals poses enormous threats to your kids’ safety.

Explain the benefits of outdoor activities to your kids in detail. Let them experience extraordinary moments outdoors to help them become physically fit and active.

Aby League is a medical practitioner and an 
Elite Daily writer. She also writes about business and other topics of great interest. Follow her @abyleague and circle her on Google+.

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