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Reader Contribution by Devin Morrissey

Did you know that among coffee drinkers the average daily consumption in the United States is over 2 cups per person? Although coffee can have its health benefits, there’s a reasonable chance that any more is too much for you. However, many hardworking Americans don’t think they can survive without multiple caffeine boosts through the day. They need their energy, and coffee is a convenient way to get it.

There are other ways to obtain your pick-me-up however which don’t require excess or for you to ingest things that you don’t need to. You won’t have to drink too much coffee or other caffeinated beverages when you’re taking care of yourself and getting your energy intake more naturally. It does involve some awareness, though. Here are some ways to get energy throughout your day without resorting to caffeine or harder drugs.

Food Intake

As most people know, food gives you energy. And in a separate exchange, taking some cues from the keto diet, it’s possible to burn your own fat for energy. Some readers may be thinking “wait, won’t eating too much just take away my energy?” This is a concern if you’re eating giant meals that are full of unhealthy food. But healthy snacking throughout the day and enacting portion control will give balance your amount of energy throughout the day and is good for you. Food is a key to energy — not a tool to deplete it.


It’s what you eat as well, not just how much and often you’re eating. Good nutrition is scarce in a culture of excess and ultra-processed food, though. Additionally it’s becoming more difficult all the time to get our needed amount of nutrients due to the rise of CO2 in our atmosphere (a result of “climate change”). But some careful research will give you a good idea of what food and nutrients can naturally raise your energy levels and be healthy for you. That said, be on the lookout for food products posing as nutritious that may not be. For instance, energy bars and diet soda are actually worse for you than they are good, as exemplified by Web MD here.


Did you know that simply drinking enough water can fill you with energy? In an article entitled “20 Reasons Why Water is the Best Energy Drink You Can Give Your Body,” the author writes, “Being dehydrated means, as you’ve seen, having to work harder to do less, your joints are less spry and you’ll have less water to sweat out to cool yourself – you can cramp up faster, and in general won’t be as effective.” Water is important for your energy because it keeps you from losing energy and getting tired. If you want to keep up, keep hydrated.

Staying Active

Your body gets natural energy from glucose, which is what it uses during exercise. The more you work out, the more glucose your muscles will need, and therefore the more your body will produce. On a simpler level however, habits matter. When you start working out consistently, your body will want to keep working out, and it will start to feel odd when you don’t. Your endurance while participating in physical activities will be up, and your body and brain will be less content staying inactive. Any way you look at it, activity begets more activity.

Spirituality and Personal Motivation

There are a number of other actions different people take to mentally and spiritually tap into the natural energy they have. For instance, diffusing essential oils can potentially influence a variety of things, from clearing the air to helping you sleep, and some believe they can aid in helping people feel energetic. Other people watch various types of media to motivate themselves — self Ted Talks and inspirational movies for instance. And some give themselves pep talks in the mirror. The point is, energy boosts can depend on what you’re putting in your head as well as your body. Keep this in mind and surround yourself with good influences.

It’s clear that caffeine isn’t the only — or even the most natural — way to get an energy boost. So how else do you make yourself feel energized? Let us know in the comments below!

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