Fun with Editorial Calendar Planning

Hello everyone!

For me, one of the most exciting times of the year is coming up–time to plan next year’s editorial calendar!

Planning the upcoming year of coverage is always great fun. It gives our staff and contributors the opportunity to get creative. It opens us all up to new opportunities and ideas. And it’s so exciting to see each fabulous issue come together in our minds (and on our notebooks).

This year, we did a variation on the process we’ve done nearly every year: Namely, asking you all what you want to see. The process goes a little something like this: We combine every idea our brilliant contributors have sent our way all year, then we pass around the “idea” document to our entire staff, then we compile all the hundreds of potential article ideas, then we ask you for your opinion!

True, asking our online editorial advisory group to weigh in on hundreds of articles is a big imposition. But we’ve found in the past our generous, engaged readers are willing to give us their time, and that time is invaluable to us. We see what specific articles interest you most. We identify trends. We see changes in preference over past years. We become more connected with the people who it’s our mission to serve.

If you have a moment, we would love it if you would take one or more of the surveys. To give you a better opportunity to manage your time and look at the categories of most interest to you, we’ve broken up the survey into four broad categories.

If you’d rather, just send us ideas via comments on this blog or on Facebook. Your input is the most valuable thing you can give us. We promise to give you tons of great ideas, tips and resources in return!

Take the Features and Home survey!

Take the Garden survey!

Take the Food survey!

Take the Health and Lifestyle survey!

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