For Your Health: Herbs That Repel Fleas

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If you’re a dog owner you know that fleas can be a common hassle. My yellow Labrador retriever, Pooch, used to have fleas every once in a while and I was unaware of alterative options for him.

Fleas are parasites that feed off your dog. There are many commercial treatments available, but these treatments mostly include harmful chemicals. Knowing about other options can benefit both you and your dog.

1. Pennyroyal: This creeping mint is the best known herb for its flea repellency. Pennyroyal has a strong aroma and can be used right at home. Rub the leaves into your dog’s fur. If you don’t want to grow pennyroyal at home, you can purchase its essential oil. Apply a few oil drops on your dogs fur for the same effect.

CAUTION: Be careful; pennyroyal is not recommended for cats. If cats are part of your household don’t use pennyroyal on your dog’s coat just to be safe.

2. Lavender: Lavender is another flea repellent that can be placed around your home. If you grow lavender, take the light purple blooms and scatter them throughout your home. Lavender essential oil can also be purchased for direct use on your dog. Try a pet store nearby.

CAUTION: Be careful, lavender is also not recommended for cats. If cats are a part of your household, heed with caution when treating your dog.

3. Tansy: Planting tansy flowers in your garden will act as a natural flea repellent for your dog. Tansy can also help repel lice, flies and mites. They are not only bright and beautiful flowers, but could help keep insects away from you and your dog.

Photo by Terry Bain/Courtesy of Flickr

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