A Hard-Working Family Wins Our Ultimate Garden Giveaway

Reader Contribution by Samantha Collins
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The day finally came for our Ultimate Garden Giveaway to come to an end. The winner? A hard-working, farming family from Michigan.

Kriste Misiak, her husband and her five children will be reaping in the benefits of winning the sweepstakes–and they definitely deserve it.

Caleb Regan, associate editor of Grit magazine, one of our sister publications that supported this incredible giveaway, says that Grit magazine is very thankful that a family like Kriste’s won the giveaway. Kriste’s family exhibits the values that Grit honors, such as hard work and importance of community. The family owns a 34-acre farm where they strive to be eco-friendly by not using pesticides. They even donate surplus food to their local church and food pantry!

“I hope to instill empathy in my children. Hard times can fall upon anyone. It is our duty to help all as much as we are able. Good things will also come to you in your time of need,” Misiak says about her family donating food.

The Misiak family won the Ultimate Garden Giveaway!
Photo by Kriste Misiak/ Courtesy Grit magazine

So you may be asking “What did they win?” Check it out: Growers Supply Premium Solar Star Greenhouse (Approximate Retail Value $3,295.00); Husqvarna Garden Tractor (Approximate Retail Value $2,599.99); Mantis 4-Cycle Gas Tiller (Approximate Retail Value $349.00); Mantis Compost-Twin (Approximate Retail Value $499.00); $500 Gift Card from Lee Valley Tools (Approximate Retail Value $500); Set of 13 Rogue Hoes (Approximate Retail Value $373.85); SonnyLight Indoor Growlight/LED Kitchen Garden (Approximate Retail Value $299.95); The Garden Patch GrowBoxTM (Approximate Retail Value $329.50); Ethel Gloves Garden Gloves (Approximate Retail Value $20.00); Mr. Soaker Hose Complete System (Approximate Retail Value $258.89); Johnny’s Selected Seeds $250 Gift Certificate (Approximate Retail Value $250); Rosie’s Workwear Ensemble (Approximate Retail Value $373.30); and a set of nine Radius Tools (Approximate Retail Value $234.91).

Congratulations to Kriste Misiak and her family, from The Herb Companion magazine! Enter our next big giveaway, the Go Solar Giveaway. You could win a Sunward Solar Hot Water System worth more than $10,000.

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