Enjoy the Health Benefits of Tea: 3 Herbal Teas to Prevent Illness

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Wind down with a cup of Chamomile Citrus tea before bed to clear your mind and rest your body.
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No matter what your ailment, Yogi Organic Tea offers a special blend to help heal you faster.
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Numi Puerh Tea resembles chocolate, but is loaded with many more antioxidants and soul-nourishing ingredients than the sweet stuff.

Instead of reaching for conventional cold and cough medicines, try drinking a cup of herbal tea to soothe or prevent minor ailments.

Numi Organic Tea’s Puerh, an ancient healing tea, is a smooth, rich native Chinese tea often pressed into “bricks” or “tea cakes” after a 60-day fermentation period.
2.2-ounce tea brick: $13

Yogi Organic Tea has specialty-blend teas for a wide variety of health needs, from stomach aches to sore throats.
Box of 16 tea bags: $5

Choice Organic Tea’s fair-trade, organic, caffeine-free Chamomile Citrus helps calm anxiety and soothe upset stomachs.
Box of 15 tea pyramids: $6.50

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