Eco-Friendly Nursery Decor

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Well, nursery renovations are thisclose to being done (we had some flooring installation issues last weekend, so we are waiting on new flooring to arrive, then we’re down to window trim and closet interior–yay!), which means: A) that I owe some delayed posts of my husband’s excellent artistry using lime plaster from Unearthed Paints on the walls and handiwork installing electric radiant floor mats from Nuheat and B) it’s time to move on to the very fun part of nursery remodeling: decor! 

Finding adorable and eco-friendly decor is definitely not difficult. The main problem is in narrowing down the many fantastic options and trying to stay on some sort of budget. 

There aren’t many non-huge chain baby shopping options in my town, so I’ve been finding tons of items all over the internet, many of them handmade here in the U.S., that I am considering for the nursery. Now I just need to narrow down my options and make some final decisions. In the meantime, I thought I’d share. I’d love to see some of your favorite nursery decor, too! 

Uncommon Goods is one of my favorite eco-friendly retailers. They never fail to offer up interesting, fun, affordable and eco-friendly items, and my nursery-shopping expedition was no exception to their typical wish list-inducing offerings. I have coveted one of their recycled cardboard mounted deer heads for about a year; now they’ve added this upcycled moose head, so I have to decide which will work better! 

Upcycled sweater moose head (made by a dad in Canada), $50.

Bucky Jr. Cardboard Deer Head (made of recycled cardboard in Virginia), $28. 

The Land of Nod is another site with dozens of adorable kids’ items. I love their many storage solutions, their affordable rugs, their collection of wall art and just about all of their other decor. 

Load Bearing Storage hamper/bins (made of bamboo and recycled PET fabric), $29 to $49.

Color Inside the Lines Rug (made from recycled cotton), $99 to $299. 

For organization, I’m also planning on picking up several of these Way Basics cubes, which are made from pressed recycled paper and can be reorganized in a variety of ways. Super Storage Cube, $25

And finally, when it comes to interesting nursery wall art, there are few destinations that can beat Etsy. The prices are great, and I love supporting individual artists. I usually just search “wall art” and “nursery,” then plan to spend several hours browsing. Here are some of my top considerations for nursery art… 

I like the retro prints from handz ReStyle shop for $20

I adore the prints and wood-blocks by John W. Golden, in particular his woodland creatures and robot series. Prints are $45 for a set of three; wood-blocks are $30 each. 

And finally, Etsy is also the best place I’ve found to hunt for interesting mobiles. Here are a couple of my favorites: 

A card-stock mobile by JennaEBee13, $55

The Constellation mobile by The Wonderland Studio, $72

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